Essential Rules for Writing an Essay

When writing an essay there are several things you need to pay attention to in order to make the writing process easier.

The number one rule when writing an essay is – Do not Plagiarise! For every topic and title, each and anyone will do a research and read as many as possible. However, do not ever copy any of the information you will find. Plagiarising is the sin number one for writing essays and a guaranteed failure.

Each title was given to write an essay upon and most of them are question formulated. The most important thing when writing the essay is to answer the question or questions. As long as the answer makes sense, there is no right or wrong answer.

Everyone has different views and interpretation on the question raised. Anyhow for every side taken, you need to support your points. As long as the arguments are rational, logical and support your point, there is no need to exaggerate and complicate the structure. Keep it simple, short and clear.

There is an unwritten rule, keep the tone academic. Most probably you will need to write an essay during your academic studies and you must practice the sentence structure and the tone academic. Keep in mind, who will read this piece of writing. You can not write an essay like you would write a letter to your friend. Use clear and understandable sentences. If you are not sure of word usage and punctuation, you can ask for help.

The last and the hardest thing is the ending, how to end the essay. Be careful with the conclusion, you might ruin the whole essay. Do not bring up new arguments and point and do not make is long. Readers need to be able to understand the whole essay only by reading the conclusion.

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