How Can We Use the Poem “Spraying Potatoes” to Illustrate the Language Acquisition, Cultural Aspect and Personal Growth

Spraying potatoes” is a short poem written by Patrick Kavanagh, who is a Nobel Prize winner. This poem is ranked among the top 50  favorite Irish Poems. He portrays the rural life and the beauty of such a place.

The language acquisition in this poem is mainly about presenting vocabulary connected with spraying potatoes. It mostly consists with words used to express agricultural themes, things and processes. Those words might be the following ones: barrels, potato-spray, orchard, potato-stalks, blossom, potato-field, knapsack sprayer, root-locked cart, corn-field, ancients farming prayer, and potato-drills.

The cultural aspect in this poem is used to illustrate the rural life in Ireland in that time. From the cultural aspect the poet speaks a lot about the society, social interaction and way of living.  Better understanding of the rural life and religious practices are quite important especially  because prayers were sang when planting, a very important practice. Moreover, the prayers were appreciated  when they echoed from an old man, as in this poem.

The personal growth or something that will make the reader richer with a new delightful experience about agriculture. The two names Kerr’s Pinks and Arran Banners are a type of potatoes,  which to be honest they sound like human names. The most critical stage comes when critical thinking is required, so to ask “have you ever thought about the potatoes as beautiful plants, or only as a food that needs to be eaten”?

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