Why Discussing John McGahern’s story “Korea”

– Skills/Knowledge:
This exercise targets the analytical skill that the readers are supposed to demonstrate. Using discussion is to try to interpret the sentences as they are originally found in the story. This again is one important skill, to be able to interpret. This also helps the readers to develop their creative thinking. In addition, it also contributes to the readers vocabulary knowledge of fishing vocabulary and the equipment for that.

– Description:
After reading the story,  there are certain questions to discuss. Each question is needed to be answered. Don’t stop on one answer, try to find more and at the end see what is the most logical to you. The questions to be asked are the following ones:
1. What is the story about?
2. Before reading the story what were you first thoughts that the story would be about only from reading the title. Did you guess it?
3. What the author wants to say in these lines:
“All there is room for it to make holes in pints of porter”
“Each move he made I watched as closely as if I too had to prepare myself for murder”
“In the darkness of the lavatory between the boxes of crawling worms before we set the night line for the eels I knew my youth has ended”.
4. The man’s life in the story, what it was like?
5. What picture do you get from the story about Britain and Korea and America?
6. Was fishing the only job they were doing for living in that time?
7. If you were on the place on the young boy what would you have done, or change?
8. If you were on the place of the man in the story, what you you have done differently?

The point  of using this questions to discuss is to show the readers that there is no right or wrong interpretation, it all depends how people see things.

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