How Can We Use the Poem “Inneskeen Road: July Evening” to Illustrate the Language Acquisition, Cultural Aspect and Personal Growth

Inniskeen Road: July Evening” is a poem written by -Patrick Kavanagh. Very short poem, yet quite difficult to understand. Sometimes the poets use words when referring to one thing and they actually want to refer to something else.  When reading such poems, language acquisition when reading poems happens every time.

The language acquisition is mainly illustrated by the point that readers will gain knowledge of the new vocabulary mainly used to describe certain things that are going on in a small village. A certain word structures and sentences will appear as a good example for learning a new vocabulary such as: half-talk and wink-and-elbow. Also new words that the readers will possibly not know could be: blooming, contemplation, delight, plight and the word secrecies.

Further, the language is used differently as we would speak about it, of course it is poetry. In addition, think about finding the plural forms of the nouns and then write it how the noun is in singular form. Phrasal verbs such as: go by and turn out could be also pointed out in the poem. Some quite interesting question is the following one: “What the poet means when he writes “the secrecy of the stones?” Here the word presents the meaning of the form in which words appear and it does deal with the meaning. In this case, it is another meaning behind the form.

The cultural aspect is presented by the opportunity to acknowledge from the first line that the people are cycling together, which can mean that people share things and that only the poet is alone. In addition, there is a dance going on in the barn and the poet is not going there. This can be connected to another cultural objective which is the realization about the place of the poets in that society. We can illustrate this by simply asking ourselves what is wrong in this poem, or what is right.

The personal growth is difficult to point out, however the first one that comes to mind is that after reading this poem one would be puzzled with many questions like: being a king of stones and every blooming thing, what the poet really wants to say with this? Why only the poet is alone there outside? Thinking contributes to personal growth. This compared to the most modern behavior and social practice could be substituted with an example when all the friends had gone to the disco and only one have stood outside.

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